Keith requires specialist equipment in order to give him the maximum independence whilst painting.

He uses a ‘mouth stick’ to hold brushes at a distance and to permit freedom of movement. The mouth pieces were designed by dentist Peter Crocker and are made by Regent Dental Association.

These then fit onto lengths of archery arrow – light weight but strong – and brushes are modified to fit inside the hollow arrow shaft.

A nail placed across the shaft of the brush allows Keith to push and pull brushes in the mouth stick by using his easel or brush stand.

Both of these have been adapted by Remap, a nation wide organisation of specialists who modify or make bespoke items for disabled people to achieve independence.

Because his head height is obviously static Remap have modified Keith’s easels so that the painting, rather that the artist, moves up and down.

In addition John Clemow, from the Northamptonshire branch of Remap, has created some ingenious modifications to allow Keith to paint ‘en plein air’, creating transportable versions of studio equipment.

Keith needs assistance in moving canvasses and equipment, as well as with squeezing tubes of paint.